Have questions?  We did too.

We are always happy to see new faces at Falls Road Aikido. Whether you are switching from another dojo or just want to try a martial art, we are excited to offer an equipped training facility and good company. Here are some of the questions we get from new students to help you decide whether Falls Road Aikido is right for you.

What does a typical class look like?

A typical class at Falls Road Aikido consists of three parts: a warm-up, main practice, and circle-up.  Instructors guide students through stretches.  Then, after we’ve broken a sweat, the class’s sempai demonstrates a series of techniques that students practice in pairs with increasing intensity.  Our class ends with a circle-up, where we discuss our discoveries, struggles, and ideas.

Most classes are intimate, containing anywhere between four and eight students from their 20s to their 70s.  Come on by!  There’s always room for you on our mat.

Do I need to have a uniform?

When you come for your first free class (and for the first three months of your training), you don’t need a special uniform. Just wear some loose-fitting clothes, such as a t-shirt and sweat pants or leggings – something you can stretch in. All of our activities take place on a padded mat. A uniform (or gi) is available for purchase in your size, which consists of a cotton top, cotton pants, and a belt.

Do I need to have prior experience?

No prior experience is needed! All you need is the willingness to learn new skills and some time to commit. If you are a beginner, you will enjoy a positive learning environment, and if you are familiar with martial arts, we’ll make sure to keep challenging you to help you reach new heights.

Am I physically fit enough?

We believe in welcoming everyone. Though one of our intents is to help people safely overcome their perceived limits, students can always step off the mat for a quick break if they feel it necessary — don’t worry, everyone has to now and then! If you have any questions, there’s nothing wrong with talking to your doctor or medical professional before attending.

Does everyone practice together?

They do! Old and young, white belts and black belts, we all practice together. We find that it helps our students learn from each other. Our students all bring different skills and experiences to the mat.

The only exception to this is that children practice with children only, and adults practice with adults only, given the different expectations of the classes.

What kind of people practice at Falls Road Aikido?

Our distribution is approximately half male and half female of all different body-types, athletic experience, and skill-level. We pride ourselves on being all-inclusive and inviting; our members come from all different walks of life, all different ages, and all different backgrounds.

What if I don’t know Aikido etiquette?

No problem – we will teach you everything you need to know. Like most martial arts, Aikido has its own ceremonies and each dojo may slightly differ. You are free to do you own reading, but we’ll teach you proper etiquette and explain what gestures and terminology mean so that you immediately feel like a part of our group. If you don’t know something, feel free to ask!

How much does it cost?

As a new you student, you get the first class for free. This is a great chance to give Aikido a try to see if you like our style of instruction and if the schedule works for you. If you decide to continue your training at Falls Road Aikido, you can get more information about the price options here.

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