Tired of feeling out of breath, drained, or exhausted by normal activities? Our style of Aikido is perfect for promoting endurance and physical resilience or enhancing your current workout regimen to get the most out of your self-improvement efforts!

Does the gym feel like an endless stroll down a path without direction?

If working out at a gym doesn’t speak to you, or if you want to add another type of goal-driven workout away from the treadmill and weights, then Aikido might be the perfect solution!  As a martial art, Aikido teaches us to discover regularly-unused muscle-groups and cultivate those that already exist.  River of Ki Aikido (formerly Falls Road Aikido) can help you:

Respond to true threats with powerful physical responses;

Control your breathing for longer-term workouts and exertions;

Improve your cardio efforts;

Understand the unnecessary areas of tension in your body at times of high physical impact;

Connect your body and mind for the best physical results.

Sometimes we want a great workout that invites us to sweat, push ourselves to new limits, and have a great time simultaneously.  Absorbing a new set of skills for self-defense in the process is just another one of the countless benefits that Aikido can offer experienced exercises or newcomers who want to invite fitness into their life.

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“I went from never wanting to work out to expecting great things of myself and then seeing them come true with continued practice encouraged by my Aikido family.  My capacity for work on and off the mat feels literally hundreds of times better than it was before I started…and my journey’s still just beginning!” – Rance Denton, student at River of Ki Aikido (formerly Falls Road Aikido)