Do you find that your life moves too quickly for you to even take a breath and center yourself?  Aikido can help forge a truly meaningful, purposeful, and meditative connection between you, your body, and the rapidly-changing world around you.

Have you ever wanted to practice meditation, centering, and oneness, but found it inaccessible?

There are many arts and schools of thought that promote a deeper connection between the actions of the body, the power of the mind, and the influence of emotion.  Built on a number of philosophies of spirituality and self-understanding, a practice of Aikido can aid in your desire to:

Cultivate a better self-conception;

Connect with the energy presented by the world and meet it with your own;

Meditate with precision, focus, and purpose;

Discern your own needs in the practice of a martial art that extends well beyond its physical qualities;

Demand more of your body by getting in touch with your mind.

In Zen, the ensō is a fully-connected circle that represents our connection with ourselves, with our creativity, and with the oneness of the greater world around us.  Our Aikido invites its practitioners, new and returning, to explore this intersection in the betterment of the self.  If meditation, centering, and philosophy especially in offering a deeper understanding of why we practice a martial art — speaks to you, then we hope you’ll join us!

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“Before I started practicing Aikido I was in a tough place in my life. I was having a hard time trying to hold on to who I was instead of trying to discover who I could be. I didn’t even know that I could be someone different!” – Mikey Bliss, student at River of Ki Aikido (formerly Falls Road Aikido)